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Hair Coloring Techniques

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Here are the hair coloring techniques applied:

1: Highlights

In most instances, highlights are lighter stripes that lighten and accentuate natural hair texture. Shades, size, and positioning are all different. Most women choose highlights to move from a dark foundation hair color to a lighter one without bleaching their hair.

The latest techniques are:

Some of the methods are:

1: On Scalp Technique

Hair coloring may also be applied on the scalp for a more rigid level coverage.

Hair Accessories

Norma’s Salons also offer advice and services based on hair accessories:

Norma’s Salons also provide hair accessory consultation and services:

What could be more natural than fashionably replicating nature’s stunning color play? This is made more accessible by hair accessories and jewelry that are sparkly, creative, and very vibrant.

You may use headbands, beautiful floral strands, jewels, and Alice bands as part of your final armament. To stand out, you’ll need to make your unique hairpieces that are bright, wild, romantic, and artistic.

1: Alice Bands

Alice bands add a pop of color to hairstyles ranging from smooth to messy and open to closed ends, whether your hair is long or short. They produce styles that are both beautiful and romantically whimsical.

1: The Head Scarf


Headscarves are not only fashionable, but they help protect hair from harmful UV radiation throughout the summer. You can cover your head in a turban with a bandana or tie your headscarf in a classic knot. This is an area where you can be as creative as you want.

Take it up another level by weaving a flowering tendril into your hair or using stunning hairstyles for added glitz.

Hairstyles with a center part that are beautiful include:

Kittenish braid is finished with a central split. Make a slight divide in your hair and gather a handful of hair from either side. The tips of each cluster are then lightly braided. A lovely center part is a timeless classic that may be styled in various ways. It can be transformed into a variety of styles.

Beautiful hairstyles that have a center part:

The aspect of center parting makes complete the Kittenish braid. You have to comb your hair into a little parting and gather a bunch of hair from each side. Each bunch is then loosely braided to the tips. A beautiful center part is a classic that is flexible to styling in many different ways. It can be modified into extraordinary styles.

Hair Styling

Hair Styling

What would be the best hairstyle for you? Do you like your hair as ultra-short or are you in love with glamorous evening looks? Well, you find the most beautiful haircuts and hairstyles in Norma’s hair salons in San Bernardino, CA. The stylists show you the best styles for the long and short hair and get you the upcoming trends as well.

You will get every detail on how to create the newer trendy looks even while at home.

Bridal Hair Styles

As much as your bridal gown is the main focus, taking a critical eye on your hairstyle does not hurt. You surely want the best feeling on your most significant day in your life. You need to have a hairstyle that suits your personality. The hair stylists at Norma’s Salons help you find your bridal hairstyle, which surpasses your partner’s dreams. Plain elegance combined with natural softness may be more enchanting than any other styling that uses jewelry and bows. Your choice ought to reflect your partner’s dreams. There are various trendy bridal styles for a variety of different personalities and styles.

Keep your own natural style – a natural hairstyle is just the right hairstyle for you if you have a less complicated personality. Natural hairstyle does not change your appearance drastically.

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